Exploring the darker side of children's YouTube


What is the purpose of Investigating YouTube?

Our group has a primary goal of spreading awareness. We wish to inform parents that these videos are not suitable for children and that they should carefully monitor what content their children are viewing.

Are these questionable children’s videos really dangerous?

We believe so. Some of the videos targeted at infants and toddlers can be traumatic and affect cognitive development by instilling learned helplessness through subversion. Other videos, targeted at somewhat older children, depict their favorite characters in gruesome, fetishistic scenarios which may be normalizing these behaviors in young minds.

Isn’t this just a botnet/clickfarm/auto-view system?

Many of the videos seem to get a large number of views, likes, and comments from an automated network. That only accounts for a small number of the initial views, however. Once they achieve a certain level of popularity, real viewers (mostly children) become the main audience and are exposed due to the “popularity” of these videos.

Why isn’t Disney or YouTube taking action?

Good question. We are investigating this matter, as responses from Disney and YouTube seem to be vague and unreasonable. For two organizations that have taken very strict stances on copyright infringement and censorship, it strikes us as odd that both continue to allow this content to flourish.

Where can I learn more about grooming and learned helplessness?
See these pages for an overview: grooming | learned helplessness

How can I get involved?

Spread awareness. Share our videos and informational images, and speak to parents about this content. You can contact us by using our contact form, or e-mail us directly at investigatingyoutube at protonmail dot com.